Whats’the consequence if contact lenses degree is small?

People's eyes can adjust adaptively within a certain range, so wearing contact lenses with inappropriate degree will make the degree rise rapidly. So, what kind of consequence will contact lens degree match be small? Will it affect the health of the eyes?



It's perfectly normal for the contact lens to have a lower degree than the frame glasses. Contact lenses are almost attached to the surface of the eyeball, so there will be a certain difference in degrees between contact lenses and frame lenses, which need to be converted. Most contact lenses are 25-50 degrees lower than those of frame glasses. You can't buy them directly according to the degrees of frame glasses.

As for the degree of contact lens itself, 25 or 50 degrees is generally a gear, and there will be no serious consequences if the degree difference is not much. In order to avoid the spasm of ciliary muscle regulation caused by overcorrection, resulting in visual fatigue, acid swelling, sleepiness and other symptoms, sometimes the optometrist will also slightly reduce some degrees according to the specific situation. It's not as clear as possible to match glasses. Reducing the degree is good for relieving eye fatigue.



But if the degree is too small to see clearly, it always needs to squint hard to see, which will increase the burden on the eyes and increase the intraocular pressure. In the long run, it will lead to the decline of visual function, deepen the degree, and cause various kinds of discomfort.

The requirement of eyesight correction should not be too high, but it should not be under corrected. When wearing them, we should watch and move more, and seriously feel if there is any discomfort. If there are some personalized problems such as astigmatism, we should go to the hospital to do a comprehensive inspection, and it is better to "customize eye measurement". Wearing contact lenses is not conducive to the health care of cornea and conjunctiva. It is necessary to pay attention to eye hygiene and develop good living habits.