Q:Does wearing contact lenses make things appear magnified?     

A: No, it doesn’t magnify things. Glasses lenses are set away from the eyes, causing a slight reduction in vision. Myopic(nearsighted) correction uses concave lenses, which can make images appear smaller. Contact lenses, being closer to the eye, provide a view more true to the actual size of objects which might feel like magnification compared to glasses. 

Q:Why do eyes sometimes tear up when wearing contact lenses

A:Initial tearing is normal for new contact lens wearers and typically subsides within 10-15 minutes. Persistent tearing could indicate the lens is inside-out, dirty, or damaged, leading to discomfort or eye irritation. In such cases, remove, clean, and inspect the lenses. If problems persist, consult an eye care professional.

Q:What should I do if I experience dry eyes with contact lenses?

A:Dryness can occur with prolonged lens wear, especially in air-conditioned environments or while using screens. Using lubricating drops or rewetting the lenses can help. If dryness persists or worsens, it may indicate an underlying issue like reduced tear production, it requires medical evaluation.

If with the above method, dry sensation cant be relieved, even constantly aggravated, one should go to the hospital for inspection, to make a definite diagnosis whether the tears secretion is less or not. If there exists the conditions of xerophthalmia, then we could consult with the doctor whether we could continuously use the contact lens or not.

Q: What causes blurred vision with contact lenses?

A:Blurred vision can result from improperly fitting lenses, or lenses with excessive protein buildup. Ensure your lenses fit correctly and are regularly cleaned to avoid this issue.

Q:What to do if contact lenses cause discomfort? 

A:Remove and inspect the lenses for damage. Clean and sterilize them before reusing. If discomfort continues, consult and optometrist.

Q:Is lens movement on the eye a concern?

A:Some movement is normal and necessary for tear circulation and oxygen supply to the cornea. Excessive movement, however, might impair vision and requires a professional fitting adjustment.

Q:Can pregnant women wear contact lenses?

A:Pregnancy can alter tear composition and volume, potentially causing discomfort with contact lens use. It’s generally advised to avoid contact lenses during pregnancy. 

Q:Can I wear contact lenses if my eyes have a significant prescription difference?

A:Yes, contact lenses are often a good solution for significant prescription differences (anisometropia) between eyes, as they minimize the image size disparity and distortion that glasses might cause.


Q:How to care for contact lenses if not worn for an extended period?

A: Change the lens storage solution weekly. Before wearing them again, clean the lenses with the solution.

Q:Can lens care solution be used as a lubricant?

A:No, care solutions and lubricants serve different purposes and are not interchangeable.

Q:How should contact lenses be stored?

A:Store them at temperatures below 25℃, away from direct sunlight and moisture, not inn the fridge or bathroom, after opening, close caps tightly to prevent contamination.

Q:How long can I use an opened care solution?

A:Use opened care solutions within 3 months to avoid contamination risks.

Q:Can I reuse the care solution in a lens case?

A:No, always use fresh solution to ensure cleanliness and avoid contamination. 


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