Q:After wearing contact lens, do you feel like everything is magnified?     

A:actually it is not magnified. Because previously the lens of optical frame glasses, it props on the bridge of the nose and the lens has a certain distance from the eyes, so it exist a certain vision decrease phenomena. Myopic eyes need correction with concave lens and concave lens has the function of image reducing. The higher the shortsightedness is, the smaller the vision is. If changed to contact lens, the vision becomes closer to the real object, so it feels that the object is magnified.

Q:After wearing contact lens, you feel like shedding tears, what is the reason ?

A: If you are first time wearer of contact lens, shedding tears belong to normal phenomena. It usually disappears within 10 ~ 15 minutes. But, if overtime and you still feel like weeping, you need to remove the lens and check that whether you are wearing the reverse side of the lens or not, lens surface has foreign body sensation or not and remove the lens and wash the lens. If the condition continues, it might be that the lens has damage. The lens damage will cause phenomena such as foreign body sensation, sore eyes, congestion, etc. So it must stop wearing and change new lens. If exclude the lens problem, we need go to the optical shops or examine at eye hospital.

Q:After wearing the contact lens, if we have dry eyes sensation, what we need to do ?

A:If you wear the contact lens for a long time and operate computer, watch TV, or work and live in air-conditioned room, the lens surface could be easily dry. We could use some Weicon contact lens lubricants, or wash again the lens if condition allowed, or immerse the lens in preserving fluid and then wear the lens. If really there is no other method, blink more the lens and prompt the tears to moisturize the lens.

If with the above method, dry sensation cant be relieved, even constantly aggravated, one should go to the hospital for inspection, to make a definite diagnosis whether the tears secretion is less or not. If there exists the conditions of xerophthalmia, then we could consult with the doctor whether we could continuously use the contact lens or not.

Q: Wearing the contact lens, why sometimes we could not see clearly ?

A:It is due to that the lens is too loose or too tight while wearing. In addition, overdue wear and too much protein precipitation could also cause the blurred vision.

Q:If there is discomfort while wearing the contact lens, what we need to do ?

A:Please first remove the lens and check that the lens is damaged or not. If there is no damage, please wear after cleaning and sterilizing. If the discomfort continues, we need to seek optometrist for review.

Q:If the contact lens slides on the eyeballs, will this be a problem ?

A:The contact lens slides on the eyeballs, also called as range of motion, which belongs to normal phenomena. As long as the contact lens slides, it makes the tears between contact lens and cornea to circulate, which provides the oxygen. But too much slide could also affect the eyesight. We need to go to the professional fitting location to conduct optometry and review.

Q:During pregnancy, could we wear the contact lens ?

A:The pregnant consumer cant use the contact lens products. The physical conditions of the pregnant woman, such as secretion, has a great change. If she wears contact lens, it easily could cause problems. So, we dont advise to use contact lens.

Q:If the two eyes have relatively big power difference, could we wear contact lens ?

A:In clinic it is called as anisometropia. The myopic eye needs to correct with concave lens. Concave lens has the function of diminishing image. The more distant the distance between the lens and the eye is, the more evident the diminishing image and deforming material is. If the two eyes anisometropia is too big, while wearing optical frame glasses, due to the two eyes imagery on the retina is inconsistent, it may cause uncomfortable sensation, even intolerability. While cotact lens stick to the eyes surface, and almost has no distance to the eyes, the imagery almost has no shrinkage and deformation, which makes the imagery clear and natural. One of its biggest advantage is that it could solve the discomfort of the patients with refractive errors that is caused by wearing optical frame glasses. So, the patients with too big anisometropia is very suitable for wearing contact lens. 

Q:If we dont wear the contact lens for a long time, how we could handle it ?

A:If we dont wear the contact lens for a long time, we advise you to change the care solution in the lens case once a week. Before the reuse, it needs to wash with care solution before wearing.

Q:Could contact lens care solution replace contact lens lubricants ?

A:The most main function of the care solution is to cleanse, sterilize, lubricate and deproteinate, which could also be used for washing and preserving contact lens, while the function of contact lens lubricants is to relieve the slight discomfort caused by wearing contact lens. The contact lens care solution and contact lens lubricants cant be replaced by each other.

Q:The opened or unopened contact lens and care products should be stored in what conditions ?

A:Contact lens and its care products, whether opened or unopened, could not be stored in fridge or bathroom. Since the environment of fridge or bathroom is relatively moist, which is good for the bacterial reproduction and easily corroded by the bacteria. Generally, it is stored in lower than 25℃ normal temperature, escape from direct sunshine and dry environment. After opening bottle, please tighten the cap in time after use, cant use the fingers to touch the bottleneck, free from bottleneck pollution.

Q:After opening the care solution, how long could we use it ?

A:Normal care solution cant pass 3 months. Once expired, it must be changed. After opening bottle, the bottleneck is often exposed, no longer relative aseptic condition, which increases chances of being polluted. The longer the time is, the chances of being polluted is bigger.

Q:The care solution kept in the lens case, can it be repeatedly used ?

A:Absolutely it cant be repeatedly used. The care solution that immersed the lens has already belonged to contaminative liquid. Even if add again new care solution, it is still in a state of pollution. The purpose of every change is to guarantee the liquid that has used every time is in a state of cleanness.

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