Why contact lens power differs from glass power?

Preparation for Wearing Contact Lenses:

1.Ensure a clean environment before handling contact lenses.
2.Trim and smooth your fingernails to avoid damaging both the lenses and your eyes.
3.Thoroughly wash your hands with water and mild soap, then dry them with a towel or hand dryer. 

How to wear colored contact lenses:
1.Place the lens on the tip of your index finger. Check the lens orientation: it’s correct if it forms a bowl shape, and inside out if it resembles a saucer. 

colored eye contact lenses

2.Look straight ahead. Gently pull your upper and lower eyelids apart. 

colored eye contact lenses

3.Place the lens directly onto your cornea using your index finger.
4.Close your eyes and gently roll your eyeballs to settle the lens in place. Slowly release your eyelids, open your eyes, and ensure that your vision is clear and comfortable. If everything feels tight, you are set for a day of clear vision.

colored eye contact lenses


Removing contact lenses:
1.Look straight ahead.

colored eye contact lenses

2.Open your upper and lower eyelids with your fingers.

colored eye contact lenses

3.Gently pinch the contact lens with your thumb and forefinger to remove it.

colored eye contact lenses

4.Remember to always clean your hand thoroughly before handling your contact lenses.


Additional Tip:

  • • After removing your lenses, clean them with contact lens solution for proper hygiene and lens care. These steps are designed for both safety and comfort, ensuring a positive experience with your colored contact lenses. 
  • • Be gentle when removing your lenses to avoid them sticking together. If they do stick, do not pull them apart forcefully. Place the lens in the palm of your hand, apply a few drops of cleaning solution and rub lightly until they separate. To ease the removal process, consider applying a few drops of contact solution beforehand, which can help prevent the lenses from sticking. 

Correct Makeup Procedure for Contact Lens Wearers

  • • Always insert your contact lenses before applying makeup. Similarly, always remove your lenses before you start taking off your makeup. If your lenses come into contact with cosmetics, carefully remove them and cleanse with a lens solution.

Precautions While Wearing Contact lenses

  • • Avoid exposure to chemicals, irritant, steam, smoke and aerosol products like hairspray and cosmetics. Both direct and indirect contact can contaminate the lenses and cause discomfort to your eyes. Certain substance, particularly spicy foods, can be quite irritating if they come into contact with the eyes. Ensure your hands are thoroughly clean before handling your lenses. If you do come into contact with irritants, remove and clean your lenses thoroughly. Seek a professional consultation at an optical agent if discomfort persists.

In Case of Eye Discomfort or infection:

  • • Should you experience symptoms like red or sore eyes, sensitivity to light, increased tearing, abnormal discharge, or blurred vision, discontinue use of your contact lenses immediately and consult a healthcare professional.


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