The contact lens remove and wear skill

The preparation before wearing contact lens

• Please keep the cleanliness of wearing environment.
• Please cut short the finger nails and polish the edge, escape from damaging the eyes and lens.
• Before removing and wearing the contact lens, please wash the hands with flowing water and mild soap. Dry the hands with towel or dryer.

Wearing the contact lens is super simple.

colored eye contact lenses

Put the lens onto the tip of index finger, and pay attention to the positive and negative side.
If the edge takes on bowl shape, then it is the positive side. If takes on saucer shape, then it is the negative side.

colored eye contact lenses

With eyes looking front, pull open the upper and lower eyelids, and place the lens onto the cornea with index finger.

colored eye contact lenses

Close the eyes, and gently move the eyeballs. Two hands slowly remove, open the eyes, and make sure that the sight is clear and no foreign body sensation. I f wear successfully, enjoy a whole day with clear vision.

Removing the contact lens is no longer difficult.

colored eye contact lenses

With eyes looking front

colored eye contact lenses

Pull open the upper and lower eyelids with hands.  

colored eye contact lenses

With thumb and forefinger to gently pinch the contact lens

Before removing and wearing contact lens, please completely clean the hands.

Wash the fingers with Weicon contact lens care solution.

Correct make-up procedure

First wear the contact lens, then make-up. First remove the contact lens, then remove the make-up. If the lens touches the cosmetics by accident, please remove and clean the lens with care solution.  

• While wearing the contact lens, one should keep away from various chemicals, such as irritant substance, steam, smog, including cosmetics, hair spray, etc. Direct or indirect touches will both cause lens pollution and eyes discomfort. Once touched to the eyes and its irritant is very strong, especially the spicy food. So before wearing the contact lens, please make sure that the hands are completely cleaned. Once touched to the irritants, please make sure that removing the contact lens and repeatedly cleaning the contact lens. If the discomfort continues, please go to the expert optical store and conduct eyes review;
• If diagnosed with various diseases such as sand holes and needle eyes, please go to the original lens fitting for consultation. After recovery, one could wear again the contact lens;
• If there has conditions such as bloodshot eye, sore eyes, fear light and shed tear, increase secretions, blurred vision, etc., one should immediately stop wearing and seek medical advice;
• While removing the lens, please don't use excessive force, escape from the contact lens sticking to each other. If there is adhesion, dont tear at it with strength. One should place the lens onto the center of the palm, drip several drops of care solution, and gently rub until the adhesion is separated. In addition, before removing the lens, drip a few Weicon contact lens lubricants. In this way, the lens will be more easily removed and not adhered to each other.

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