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Q: If wear the contact lens and feel too loose or too tight, how to handle ?

A:Choosing correct base curve is one of the factors that could guarantee comfort level. If fit and conduct under-face push-up test, and found out that it is too loose, we could change the contact lens with relatively steep base curve or relatively big contact lens ; if it is too tight, we could change relatively smooth or relatively small contact lens for the customers. While Weicon is currently the biggest lathe-cutting technique manufacturer around the globe, he could provide the consumer with custom-made service. Basically, it could cover from 8.00 mm base curve to 8.70 mm base curve. The diameter has multiple choices, meanwhile, Weicons excellent barrier-free after-sale support could let you wear carefreely .

Q:If the person wears contact lens and feels relatively dry, whether he is suitable for wearing high water content lens ?

A:No. Theoretically speaking, the person with relatively low tears secretion is suitable for low water content contact lens ; the person with relatively high tears secretion is suitable for high water content contact lens. But in the actual wear, dry eye is caused by integrated reasons. So while choosing contact lens, we should integrate the multiple factors such as material, manufacturing technique, quality, etc. of one pair of contact lens, instead of seeing only one technical parameter.

Q: Is the oxygen permeability of the lens necessary to the contact lens ? Oxygen permeability of the lens depends on which factors ?

A:Yes, it is very important. Supply capacity of the oxygen is very important to the

eye health of contact lens wearer. The oxygen of the contact lens is from the air, it

supplys the eyes with oxygen through tear circulation. Weicon lathe-cutting

contact lens is possessed with relatively good smoothness because of double arc and round edge design, so its oxygen permeability rate is relatively high. Oxygen permeability of the contact lens depends on the contact lens thickness, water content, lens material, lens process design and lens wear looseness and tightness, etc. 

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