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Q:How should I adjust contact lenses that feel too loose or too tight?

A:Proper fit is key for comfort. If your lenses feel too loose, consider lenses with a steeper base curve or a larger diameter. Conversely, if they feel too tight, opt for a lens with a flatter base curve or a smaller diameter. Custom options are available from us, offering a range from 8.00mm to 8.70 mm in base curve and various diameters. Realcon’s advanced manufacturing techniques ensure a comfortable fit and we offer comprehensive after-sales support.

Q:Should people with dry eyes wear high water-content lenses?

A:Not necessarily. People with lower tear production may benefit more from low water content lenses, while those with higher tear production could opt for high water content lenses. However dry eyes can be caused by various factors, so it’s important to consider the material, technology and quality of the lenses, not just their water content.

Q: How important is oxygen permeability in contact lenses, and what factors affect it?

A:Oxygen permeability is crucial for eye health in contact lens wearers. Lenses receive oxygen from the air, delivered through tear circulation. Factors influencing oxygen permeability include lens thickness, water content, material, design and the fit of the lens. Realcon’s lathe-cutting lenses, designed with double arcs and rounded edges, offer high oxygen permeability, ensuring a healthier lens-wearing experience.


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