The first time wear lens strategy

The first time wear timetable

The first time wearer of contact lens, due to the corneas mechanical irritation to the lens and maladjustment to the low-oxygen metabolic environment under the lens, we could gradually lengthen the wear time step by step. We should not wear the lens for a whole day.  


1st day

2nd day

3rd day

4th day

5th day

Wear Hour

4 hours

6 hours

8 hours

10 hours

12 hours

Periodic review

After wearing contact lens, we need conduct a periodic review. This is one important content of maintenance after wearing contact lens, and this is the key of successful wearing contact lens as well. After wearing contact lens for one week, one month, three months, six months and one year, the first time wearer needs review each time. If the eyes has discomfort or doubt, please seek practitioner or ophthalmologist for detailed inspection in time. The wearer who wears the contact lens already should review at least once half a year as well.

If the first time wearer of contact lens, possible symptom and solution that might happen?

• slight foreign body sensation:but not painful, nor have other abnormal phenomena. It is perhaps that the wearer is not adapted to the lens edge. We could continue to wear the lens, and the symptom should disappear soon ;
• slight dry eyes:because the lens causes effect to tear film of the eyes. We could gradually lengthen the daily wear time (if the first day wears lens for 4 hours, the second day wears for 6 hours, and so on) 
• slight hyperaemia of the eyes:but not have other discomforts, it is might eye conjunctivas a normal reaction to the contact lenses in the initial stage. It should disappear after a few days ;
• sometimes blurred vision:the first time wearer of contact lens, due to involuntary decrease of blinks, it may cause the tear films instability and eyesight instability, which belongs to normal phenomena. We advise that keep normal blinking times in the process of wearing. Generally, through short-time adaptation, the eyesight could gradually stabilize ;
• near vision difficulties:the accommodation force between contact lens and optical frame glasses differs from each other. Accommodation force of the contact lens is bigger than optical frame glasses. If there is slight near vision difficulties, it could be adapted to it gradually. If cannot adapt, we should change to lens with low power. If there has serious symptom or the above symptom continues and cannot ease, one should first stop wearing, go to the original lens fitting and conduct inspection in time to make sure the reasons.

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