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Contact Lens Care Instructions Using Solutions:

1.Cleaning the lens case:
a)Wash the case with care solution.
b)Fill the case halfway with the solution.

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2.Preparing the lens:
a)Place the lens in your palm.
b)Apply a few drops of care solution onto the lens.

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3.Cleaning the lens:
a)Gently rub both sides of the lens with the forefinger 15-20 times.

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b)Hold the lens edge and rinse it thoroughly with care solution.

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4.Storing the lens:
a)Place the lens in the case, ensuring it is fully immersed in the solution.

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b)Fill the case to the brim and tightly close the lid.
c)Leave the lens to soak for a minimum of 4 hours.
5.Before wearing:
a)Rinse the lens again with care solution before wearing.

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Care Tips:

• Solution handling:

  • ▪ Never reuse expired care solution.
  • ▪ Keep the solution bottle tightly closed when not in use to avoid contamination.   
  • ▪ Do not mix with other brands or heat up the care solution.

• Allergy precautions:

  • ▪ Avoid using if allergic to any ingredients in the care solution

• General care:

  • ▪ Avoid non-specialized eye drops on contact lenses.
  • ▪ Clean the lens case weekly and replace it monthly to prevent bacterial growth.
  • ▪ Wash hands with a disinfectant soap and rinse thoroughly before handling lenses. Alternatively, use care solution for finger cleaning. 
  • ▪ Do not use care solution past its expiration date (normally 90 days after opening).

• Long-term storage:

  • For extended non-use, store lenses in a case with solution for up to 30 days. Before reusing, clean with the solution.

• Manual cleaning:

  • The safest cleaning method is manual cleaning. Avoid using bad quality lens cleansers as they can damage the lens surface, leading to discomfort and potential corneal scratches. Always wash both sides of the lens for 5 seconds.

• Lens immersion:

  • Ensure lenses are always fully immersed in the solution. Dried out lenses can lose shape, causing discomfort.


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