The Difference Between Contact Lens Eye Drops and Care Solution

While wearing contact lens, solution and eye drop is usually used in proper proportions. Today, we are going to learn something about the difference between contact lens eye drops and solution. 

From the aspect of function, eye drop has dual function of lubricating and moisturizing lenses. It is a kind of sterile, isotonic and buffered solution, which is used to those who are with dry eyes symptom and constantly wear contact lens for a long time. It could effectively relieve the symptoms of dry eyes discomfort and irritation as well as eyes fatigue, while care solution is used to soak lens and avoid the eyes drying and bacteria breeding. Solution plays the role of sterilization and deproteinization in the process of washing lens and tools. 

From the aspect of content, the content of eye drop is extremely similar to the tears, which could completely keep the eye needed moisture instead of the tears. It could protect the eyes and improve the comfort while wearing contact lens. While care solution belongs to 3rd-type medical device, it contains the disinfector and antiseptics, which achieves the target of sterilization. 

From the aspect of use, the expiry date of the eye drop is usually one month after unsealing, while the solution is three months. Although the eye drop is good, too much dependence upon it, is not advised. Less than six times each day is recommended. In regard to the care solution, it should be changed in time and keep the lens clean. Generally, the care solution inside the container should be changed every two days. 

Because the contact lenses directly touch the eyes, abundance of caution is necessary since it is closely related with the eyes health. Jilin Realcon Contact Lens Co.,Ltd. introduces advanced production technique and facility from the domestic and overseas, establishes a complete quality management system and traceability system and builds the first-rate products. Contact lens eye drop and care solution, with different function and content, the usage is widely divergent as well. In the process of usage, the wearer should be careful and avoid the damage to the eyes.