Can we wear contact lens for 3 hours by plane?

Air travel has gradually become more and more popular as a way of travel, easy and fast, can be said to be the first choice for travel.For beautiful girls, contact lenses are always on the must-have list.Can you wear contact lenses when you fly?

Generally speaking, wearing contact lenses for short flights does not cause any inflammation, because the priority of wearing contact lenses is hygiene and time, as long as it is not for a long time will not be too much of a problem.However, we recommend that you switch to glasses instead of contact lenses.


On a plane, most of the time is spent reading or sleeping with your eyes closed.If you wear contact lenses and overuse your eyes, it is easy to pay more attention to fatigue, causing dizziness and headache, and sleep is the first taboo to wear contact lenses, so it will cause different degrees of damage to the eyes.

The cabin environment is quite different from the ground environment. With the air conditioner on all the time, the humidity is low, which often leads to dry mouth and dry skin, especially eyes.When a lot of water evaporates from contact lenses, there is a risk of breakage.At the same time, due to reduced tears, protein precipitation plug oxygen hole, can cause corneal hypoxia edema, vision decline.


实际上,哪怕是短途飞行,在一起一落间,气压作用也会导致眼压升高。眼球的弧度产生变化以后,可能造成镜片变形,引发眼部各种不适。总之,乘坐飞机最好还是准备一副轻便的框架眼镜来更换,上飞机之前将隐形眼镜取下来随身携带就好。In fact, even on short flights, air pressure can cause an increase in intraocular pressure when Take-off and landing.When the curvature of the eyeball changes, it can distort the lens and cause discomfort.In short, it's best to take a flight with a pair of lightweight glasses to replace the frame, the plane before the contact lenses take off just carry.