First encounter with contact lens-knowledge about beautiful pupil

What is beautiful pupil?

Contact lens,scientific name is soft hydrophilic contact lens,class Ⅲ medical devices,divided into transparent lens and beautiful pupil.

The beautiful pupil is a colored contact lens that magnify the pupil and make the eyes more profound.

Basic parameters of beautiful pupil

base curveThe center arc of the inner surface of a lens. The base arc of a common person is between 8.4-8.8.

DiameterThe distance between two points corresponding to the edge of the lens is usually 14.0-14.5mm.

Water contentThe ratio of the mass of water to the total mass of the lens. Low water content < 38%, medium water content 42%-60%, high water cut > 60%. The higher the water content, the softer the lens.

Using periodAccording to the usage time, they are usually divided into daily, half moon,monthly,quarterly,half yearly and annual.

How to select beautiful pupil

Choose the same size as your own pupil, keep your eyes white: black: white = 1:2:1 is the most natural and beautiful.

Choose the color close to your own pupil,the fusion effect is better.

Don't be covet cheap products when buying your beautiful pupil. You’d better buy qualified products from the regular channels.


Recommended brand

Realcon contact lens Co., Ltd was founded in 2009.It is aseptic class medical device manufacturers.It is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of color contact lenses.

Realcon beautiful pupil series use internal laminating printing and dyeing process,dyes do not contact the eyeball.Increasing air permeability while rendering visual effects more vivid three-dimensional,comfortable and safe.