Are contact lenses good?

Everything has two sides, and contact lenses naturally have their advantages and disadvantages. Only reasonable glasses, correct use of contact lenses, in order to play the strengths of contact lenses, to avoid its harm.


Contact lenses have been popular for a long time. From the initial simple pattern to the design of hundreds of flowers, they have always been very popular among young people. At present, there are still many beauty bloggers who upload photos or videos to show the wearing effect and makeup matching. It can be seen that contact lenses have added a lot of new charm to makeup.

Contact lenses are worn directly in the eye, which omits the frame and reduces the pressure on the bridge of the nose, which brings great convenience to people with high myopia. At the same time, since the lenses are closer to the eye surface, the prism effect brought by frame glasses has also been greatly improved.


However, if contact lenses are used improperly, the corneal epithelial cells may be damaged, resulting in symptoms such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, corneal swelling, photophobia and tearing. Wearing contact lenses in the wrong way for a long time will also greatly reduce the resistance of the eyes, which will lead to dry eye syndrome, neovascularization, and even blindness.

Therefore, when using contact lenses, it is necessary to do a good job in cleaning and maintenance of the lenses. After removing the lenses from the eyes, the protein deposits should be cleaned up with a care solution in time, and the contact lenses must also be soaked in fresh care solutions for storage.

Contact lenses are not suitable for everyone. If you have eye diseases such as trachoma, glaucoma, cataract, etc., it is best not to wear contact lenses. You must choose carefully according to the actual situation to avoid damage to the eyes due to the poor fit of the contact lenses.