Are hard contact lenses good?

 Although there are two types of contact lenses, soft and hard, pale blue lenses and colored lenses are common in the market. People generally know less about hard contact lenses, so hard contact lenses in the end is good?


Hard contact lenses sound like they're hard, difficult and uncomfortable to wear. But in fact, the so-called "hard" is only the counterpart of soft contact lenses, although the comfort of hard lenses will be worse, the need to adapt to the time will be correspondingly prolonged, but the high oxygen permeability of hard contact lenses is not soft contact lenses than.

Hard contact lenses are also made of a polymer containing fluorine, but they are far more permeable to oxygen than soft lenses and can be worn at night. Due to the hardness of the lens, rigid contact lenses can change the curvature of the cornea in a short time, so you only need to put on the lens before going to bed and take it off after getting up, and you can enjoy a clear vision all day long. Correspondingly, if the hard lens match is not good, it will cause damage to the cornea.


Therefore, the customization of rigid contact lenses is relatively strict, and the requirement of matching technology is also very high. Wearers need to go to a formally qualified eye hospital for examination and customization, and the whole process is more personalized. It can be said that the fitness of hard mirror is very high, but the customization cycle is slightly longer, the price is relatively expensive, generally can be worn for 1-2 years.

In fact, in addition to correcting myopia and farsightedness, hard contact lenses can also be used to correct astigmatism, irregular cornea and so on. The range of correction and suitable for people are more extensive, and can delay the development of myopia and maintain corneal health.