Are throwing contact lenses too expensive or not?

Daily throwing is always called the healthiest and safest type of contact lenses. So, are contact lenses expensive?


 Contact lenses are disposable products that need to be abandoned directly after wearing them. If you use other types of contact lenses, buy a care solution to clean the lenses and soak the sterilized lenses, as well as a box to store the lenses. The use period of the nursing solution and the double box is generally three months, which needs to be replaced when it expires, and the double box also needs to be washed and disinfected regularly. The whole nursing process is relatively complicated, and the cost is not less. Thus, use day throw more relaxed and convenient.



With high oxygen permeability and high water content, it is very comfortable to wear, and the single piece package is more convenient to carry out, and a single day change can also ensure the safety and health of the eyes. However, daily throwing also has some shortcomings that can not be ignored, such as the lens is too soft, it will be difficult to operate, and relative to the long cycle type of general cost performance. Author suggests that the first wearer can first try other types of contact lenses before wearing the day throw, and it is better to use the day throw after picking off the wear operation is skilled.

All in all, when looking at the price of each pair of lenses alone, daily selling is indeed the most expensive type of contact lenses, and a single price ranges from ten yuan to dozens of yuan. However, daily selling contact lenses can skip the steps of care, and more can save the cost of buying care liquid and double boxes, so the price is relatively reasonable. Especially for people who do not often wear mirrors, day throwing is more convenient and portable.