[Beautiful pupil control] must pay attention to the attention of the beautiful pupil

    Beautiful pupil has already become a part of cosmetics, wearing beautiful pupil is like doing a "micro-plastic" for the eyes. For women who love beauty, the charm of the pupil is irresistible, and even many stars can not do without the pupil. Qi Wei, Tang Yan and Angelababy are all beautiful pupil controls. But this beauty and risk coexist, we must be familiar with the matters needing attention, in order to keep our eyes beautiful and healthy.

    ❤Not suitable for wearing pupil❤

    NO.1 Inflammation of the eye

People suffering from acute and chronic ocular surface inflammation such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, diabetes mellitus, dry eye disease should not wear beautiful pupils, eyes should stop wearing when becoming red, swollen and itchy, if symptoms worsen, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

    NO.2 Decline in immunity

In allergic, cold, pregnancy, physiological period and other immune decline period, the eye is more vulnerable, easy to aggravate discomfort.

    MO.3 Special environment

It is not suitable to wear pupils in special environments such as dust pollution and excessive drying. It may cause bacterial infection and inflammation.

    NO.4 Age is too small

Middle school students generally do not recommend wearing beautiful pupils, because eye development is not yet complete, may cause irreversible damage to the eyes.

    ❤Matters needing attention in wearing beautiful pupil

    Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene. When wearing, both hands and pupils should be cleaned. If the nails are too long, you should not only take more care when taking the pupils, but also pay attention to cleaning the dirt in the nails. If you are accustomed to using tools, tools should also be cleaned with care solution.

    Be careful not to exchange pupils! Exchanging pupil may cause cross infection.

    Be careful not to strenuously exercise! Wearing pupil swimming, running, fitness etc, may damage the eyes.

    Be careful not to face the computer for a long time! Face to computer for a long time, the eyes of the will become dry. Wearing the beautiful pupil will aggravate eye fatigue.

    Be careful not to wear beautiful pupil to sleep! This is especially important. Sleeping with beautiful pupils can cause poor blood circulation in the eyes, congestion and edema of local tissues, and bacterial growth leading to keratitis