Can children wear contact lenses?

At present, contact lenses are very popular, so that many children are also very yearning. So, is it suitable for children to wear contact lenses?

From a safety point of view, we do not recommend that children wear contact lenses. The eye development of minors is not complete, and the vision situation is not stable enough, if forced to wear contact lenses, it may affect the eye function and corneal development, causing lifelong adverse effects on the eyes.


At the same time, another important reason not to wear contact lenses is that children usually have limited self-care ability. Children themselves may be difficult to ensure the standard of wearing operation, for example, in the process of picking and wearing, if the action is not skilled enough, it is easy to scratch the lens and the eyeball, in the process of wearing it is difficult to avoid rubbing the eyes and other actions. Not to mention the lens care work, for children with academic priorities, there is not even enough time to do a good job of lens cleaning. Therefore, author recommends that it is best to wait until after the age of 18 to consider wearing contact lenses according to eye conditions.


On the contrary, the elderly are naturally not suitable for wearing contact lenses. The visual function of the elderly gradually declines, and a considerable number of people suffer from eye diseases or systemic diseases, and their own resistance has declined, and wearing contact lenses has more security risks, which will bring a lot of extra burden to the eyes.

However, even if the eyes are healthy and suitable for wearing contact lenses, you should also pay attention to developing good eye habits, using the correct way to operate, and pay attention to regular ophthalmic review of the fundus. For children, you can try to choose frame glasses to correct vision, and parents should supervise children to develop healthy eye habits, adhere to eye exercises, and carry out more outdoor activities.