Can contact lens care solution be used after three months?

Wear contact lenses, it is inevitable to deal with the care fluid. Almost all the nursing solutions are used up within three months as indicated in the instruction manual. Therefore, when using at ordinary times, we should not only keep the nursing solutions in a cool and dry place, but also pay attention to the validity of the nursing solutions.


In addition to a few six-month validity period, the vast majority of nursing solution needs to be used up within three months after opening. If it is found that the solution has expired, please do not continue to use it. After the expiration of the shelf life, the sterilization and disinfection effect of the nursing solution will gradually weaken until it disappears, and the performance will also change uncontrollably, which may have many adverse effects on the eyes.

There is also a time limit for the solution to be poured into the duplex. If you wear contact lenses every day, after washing and nursing the lenses, you need to wash the double box together, and pour in fresh nursing solution again; even if you don't wear contact lenses, you need to change the nursing solution in the box at least once every two days, so as to effectively ensure the sterilization effect and ensure the hygienic conditions of the lenses.


When using the nursing solution, avoid the bottle mouth from touching other objects, and quickly close the bottle cap after use. In order to facilitate memory, you can write the opening date directly on the bottle of the nursing solution. Although sanitation and cleanness have been emphasized for many times, many people still feel that serious problems such as eye infection will not happen to them, and they do not care much at ordinary times. In fact, many safety problems need to be paid attention to in the use and purchase of nursing solution. Generally speaking, mild products without preservatives are the best, and some special functions need not be overemphasized, because the addition of some ingredients can not cure the root cause, but may also have other effects.