Can contact lens put in water?

Since the beginning of the use of contact lenses, have to take Care solution and box, and the most embarrassing is that often encountered Care solution out of the situation.At this time, a lot of people thought of water instead of nursing solution to soak the lens, this method is not feasible?Of course not!

No matter what brand of Care solution, the most basic function is sterilization.Wash lens with nursing solution can be attached to the precipitate material and microorganism removal, immersion lens can also ensure that the contact lens is not disturbed by bacteria.And water not only can not play the role of sterilization, but also easy to breed bacteria, causing eye infections. 


The water may also contain other impurities that can cause lenses to deteriorate and deform, rendering them unsuitable for the eyeball.After soaking in water, it will affect the humidity of contact lenses. The lenses are more likely to be dehydrated and hardened, which is very uncomfortable to wear in the eyes and may also have the risk of broken.Only care solution can keep the lens soft and performance, thus ensuring the service quality.

If it is only soaked in water for a short time, or just touched a little water, you can use a care solution to thoroughly clean the lens, and put in the glasses box soak for a few hours before wearing;But if the time is longer, the impact on the lens is too much, to be safe, it is best to directly replace a new pair of contact lenses.In order to avoid cross infection, the glasses box should also be cleaned and disinfected.


。Soak and clean contact lens to use special Care solution only, can buy in eyeglass store commonly, the liquid such as tap water, mineral water, seawater, distilled water cannot replace nursing fluid to use, even if it is temporary emergency also cannot.