Can contact lens slide piece reach hind eyeball?

Before buying contact lenses, we are often aware of the risks of wearing them and are prepared to use them.However, when wearing, if suddenly in the eyes can not find contact lenses, it is absolutely a terrible thing, a lot of people will feel very panic, worried about contact lenses will slide to the back of the eyeball, and do not know what to do.


However, from the structure of the eye, the contact lens slide to the back of the eye is impossible to happen.The conjunctiva covers the inner layer of the eyelid from the surface of the eyeball, to connect the upper and lower eyelids with the front surface of the eyeball, forming the conjunctiva sac.Contact lens can move inside this interval only, but because of qualitative softness, occasionally can "hide" the corner that enters conjunctival sac inside, but absolutely impossible break through conjunctival, enter the rear of eyeball.

If the contact lens always slide means the base arc does not match, the lens is likely to fall out of the eye in the collision.Or ourselves forgot to take out lens already, repeat lens operation, abrade cornea, cause foreign body feeling, mistakenly think lens is still in the eye.At this time, you need to open the eyelid to check if the lens is still in.


If accidentally rub the eyes, it will cause lens displacement, and may even wear the cornea and cause infection.Inflammation can make the surface of the conjunctiva and cornea less smooth and uncomfortable when you blink, making it difficult to know if the lens is still in your eye.Accordingly, when necessary, must undertake an examination to the hospital.

In fact, if the slide or shift, only need to confirm the contact lenses in the eye or not., if the broken lens is encountered in the eye, it is more serious. It is necessary to seek medical advice as soon as possible and take out the broken lens in time to avoid damage to the eye.