Can contact lenses be worn until the age of 60?

When it comes to contact lenses, you may always see some negative reports on the Internet. So, can contact lenses be worn until the age of 60, and how does wearing contact lenses affect the state of the cornea?

In fact, there are no age requirements for contact lenses, but there are requirements for eye conditions. Even at the age of 60, as long as your eyes are in good condition and you have been approved by your doctor to wear contact lenses, you can safely use contact lenses.


Normally, we do not recommend that minors wear contact lenses. When you are too young, your eyes are developing, and wearing contact lenses often may have some impact on the cornea, as well as on the growth and development of the lens.

The most important thing to pay attention to when wearing contact lenses is corneal hypoxia. The human cornea itself has no blood vessels, and the oxygen needed for corneal respiration is generally exchanged through aqueous humor and tears. When the eyes are opened, the cornea mainly obtains oxygen from the air. After wearing contact lenses, it will affect part of the oxygen exchange and cause corneal hypoxia.


Others worry that wearing contact lenses will damage the cornea, affect laser surgery, and so on. Wearing contact lenses will cause slight edema of the cornea due to lack of oxygen, so it is necessary to stop wearing them for a period of time before surgery to adjust the cornea to achieve the best condition, but wearing contact lenses will not affect the laser surgery. In fact, whether or not surgery can be performed will eventually be checked according to the doctor's order to determine that the corneal thickness reaches the standard.

As the age increases, the self-resistance gradually declines, so it is necessary to pay more attention to protect the eye health and avoid problems such as infection.