Can contact lenses match for astigmatism?

 Many people in the mirror, may find that according to the degree of the mirror is still not clear, the fit is not satisfactory. When astigmatism and myopia appear at the same time, if the mirror does not take into account the degree of astigmatism, it may cause this problem. So, can contact lenses match for astigmatism?


 Contact lenses can correct myopia, and of course, it can also correct astigmatism. The principle of contact lens to correct myopia is similar to the principle of correcting astigmatism, through the adjustment of the lens on the retina, but because astigmatism also contains the axis, so the structure of astigmatism contact lens specially correcting astigmatism and ordinary contact lens is slightly different.

 Specifically, the need for astigmatism contact lenses is based on the degree of astigmatism. If you are in mild astigmatism, that is, astigmatism is less than 75 degrees or does not affect the object, you can test with ordinary contact lenses. And when the degree of astigmatism is heavy, has reached the degree of affecting daily life, then it is necessary to customize a pair of astigmatism contact lenses. Otherwise, the degree mismatch may aggravate the astigmatism, and may even cause more adverse reactions.


 In fact, most people know more about myopia and farsightedness, but they know very little about astigmatism. Many times, they do not realize the problem of astigmatism, and the resolution of blur and gravity shadow is limited. In view of the improper correction is easy to bring additional burden to the eyes, so it is recommended that you do an optometry before the mirror, especially to clarify the degree of astigmatism.

At present, the astigmatism contact lens technology is developing rapidly, the axial positioning and stability have been greatly improved, you can rest assured to purchase according to their own situation.