Can contact lenses still be used when rolled up?

Under normal circumstances, contact lenses have a rounded bowl shape, but frequent wearers may have experienced the problem of contact lenses rolling up. So, can the contact lenses be used after they have dried or even rolled up?


Contact lenses are often rolled up due to prolonged dehydration and excessive water loss. After finding that the contact lenses are rolled up, you can try to soak them in the care solution again at the first time, and gently rub and unfold them with your hands. However, under normal circumstances, the lens is easily broken after being rolled up, and may also deteriorate and deform, so it is not suitable to continue to use it.

When you don't wear contact lenses at ordinary times, you must soak the lenses in the care solution, which can not only keep the moisture of the lenses, but also sterilize and disinfect them. If you need to wear it, then remove the lens from the solution. After taking out the contact lenses, you should wear them as soon as possible. If the time is delayed for a long time due to unskilled operation, you should put the lenses back in the nursing solution for a while and then take them out and wear them again.


After contact lenses dry, they will become very fragile, and may be damaged once touched, and will also be attached to a large number of pathogenic bacteria and so on. Even if it can be put back into the care solution to soften, it may cause problems such as eye grinding and blurred vision after wearing it, and it will greatly shorten the service life of contact lenses.

Therefore, everyone must pay special attention not to keep the lenses dehydrated for too long, and to keep the eye area clean and the lens hygienic during operation. If the newly opened contact lenses are curled, it may be a quality problem, and you should immediately contact the dealer to replace a new pair of lenses.