Can contact lenses treat astigmatism?

When parallel light enters the eye, it cannot focus on the same focus and form a clear image on the retina. This refractive state is called astigmatism. Contact lenses can't treat astigmatism, but they can correct astigmatism. Contact lenses play the same role as frame glasses, only to improve the patient's corrected vision, but in the treatment of little help. Vision is corrected correctly, vision becomes clear, people do not need to squint hard when they are looking at things, which can avoid eye muscle fatigue and reduce the burden of lens.



Most people with myopia will have slight astigmatism, which generally does not affect the vision, and does not need special correction. They can wear ordinary frame glasses or contact lenses. The contact lenses sold on the market are all without astigmatism, and can be purchased and used as long as the eye conditions permit. In some cases, it is necessary to balance the degree of both eyes, which involves the conversion and adjustment of the degree. It is better to give the prescription to the professional.



If the astigmatism is serious, it is better to customize the astigmatism contact lenses. Astigmatism contact lenses are specially developed for astigmatism patients. They can be customized according to the degree of astigmatism. The complexity of astigmatism is related to the degree and direction. Add a bottom down column mirror on the ordinary contact lens, and fix the axial position with the help of gravity, then astigmatism and myopia can be corrected at the same time. Or we can choose RGP to correct irregular astigmatism.

The degree of astigmatism is basically in a stable state. As long as the optometry is accurate and has passed the matching evaluation, you can try to wear suitable contact lenses, but you must wear them scientifically according to the specifications to ensure eye health.