Can dry eye disease wear contact lens?

Eyes, like skin, can also become sick from excessive dryness, known as dry eyes. Dry eye symptoms vary, some people have foreign body sensation, friction, some people feel dry and stinging eyes, and some people have burning eyes, photophobia tears and so on.


People with dry eyes are not suitable for wearing contact lenses, especially patients with severe dry eyes, must not wear contact lenses. Patients with dry eye syndrome have abnormal tear secretion function. Wearing contact lenses will destroy the tear film on the surface of the eyeball, aggravate tear evaporation and corneal hypoxia, and will be more prone to dryness and other discomfort symptoms due to the absorbency of the lens itself. If combined with improper lens care operation, there may be corneal inflammation or other eye diseases.

At the same time, in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the eyes, everyone should go to the eye hospital before buying contact lenses for detailed eye examination, exclude the situation that is not suitable for wearing contact lenses, and determine the more accurate degree, so as to prepare a pair of contact lenses suitable for their own. Not only that, if you often wear contact lenses, author also suggests that you can regularly go to the eye hospital to check the fundus condition.


If you find yourself with dry eyes, you can use artificial tears or other medicated eye drops under your doctor's guidance for relief and treatment. You can also apply a hot towel to your eyes every day. However, in today's daily life filled with electronic products, to prevent dry eye syndrome, we should pay attention to develop healthy eye use and rest habits, reduce the time in front of electronic products, and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.