Can highly myopic wear contact lens?

There are a lot of patients with high myopia yearning to wear contact lenses, hoping to restore the original charm of the eye, so high myopia can wear contact lenses?

In fact, high myopia can also wear contact lenses, and because contact lenses closer to the eye, will not produce pressure on the bridge of the nose. In terms of visual field effect, wearing glasses with several height can produce a certain prism effect, while wearing contact lenses can provide a more realistic visual field, which is helpful to improve visual quality.


 However, high myopia may be accompanied by some fundus lesions, such as glaucoma, cataract, etc., so patients with high myopia should go to an eye hospital for an examination before making contact lenses for the first time, and wear contact lenses only when there is no inflammation of the ocular surface and no eye disease. You can choose the right soft or hard contact lenses according to your doctor's advice.


Another point to note is that if high myopia is accompanied by astigmatism, then also need to get a mydriasis test. When the degree of astigmatism is high, author suggests choosing customized astigmatism contact lenses, which can correct vision more effectively, obtain the best visual effect, and also help to control the growth of degree.

If highly myopia patients choose to wear contact lenses, they should pay more attention to the standard operation in accordance with the instructions, and pay attention to good hygiene, otherwise it is easy to cause local infection. In the process of wearing glasses, the length of the eye should be controlled to avoid eye fatigue, and at the same time, the eye hospital should be checked regularly. In this way, in order to ensure the appearance and comfort at the same time to protect the safety and health of the eyes, prevent eye lesions.