Can hyperopia be equipped with contact lenses?

At present, the contact lenses sold on the market are basically plain or nearsighted, which is related to the relatively large number of myopic patients. However, common refractive errors are not only nearsightedness, but also farsightedness. Since patients with hyperopia can also adjust their refractive status by wearing glasses, can they wear contact lenses?


The answer is of course yes. Since most of the patients with hyperopia are presbyopia, and middle-aged and elderly people are not suitable for wearing contact lenses due to the deterioration of eye function, contact lenses for hyperopia are relatively rare, and glasses generally need to be customized. After detailed inspection, rigorous production and strict testing, the doctor will issue a prescription to customize the lens, which can also guarantee the stability of wearing and a clear vision.

Farsightedness and myopia are actually similar in principle, except that one image is behind the retina and the other is before the retina. Therefore, as long as the glasses are properly equipped, they can be corrected. However, myopia is a concave lens, which conforms to the shape of the cornea and is easily attached to the surface of the cornea, while the convex lens for correcting hyperopia has a thick middle and a thin edge, which is relatively difficult to attach to the surface of the cornea. Therefore, if the hyperopia power is large, it is not suitable for wearing Contact lenses.


Wearing hyperopia contact lenses, also pay attention to standard use and cleanliness. Contact lenses belong to the three types of medical devices, and they are worn in the eyes during the entire use. Therefore, the eyes must be kept clean and hygienic. At the same time, in order to avoid bringing bacteria into the eye to cause infection, and to avoid possible damage to the cornea during the removal process, the wearer should read the instructions carefully and follow the operation.