Can I sleep with contact lenses?

The number of people who buy and use contact lenses is increasing year by year, but people are not so optimistic about the use of contact lenses and precautions.Although we have repeatedly emphasized that wearing contact lenses while sleeping will greatly increase the probability of eye infections, and most of the infections will eventually become permanent damage, but there are still many people who "strength to death" in this matter.


In general, if you take a short break like a nap, if you wear contact lenses with high oxygen permeability, the consequences once in a while are not particularly serious.However, many office workers have limited conditions and can only lie on the table to sleep. Their eyes are deprived of oxygen while being oppressed, which is equivalent to double damage. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare as much care solution and double case as possible and remove the invisibility before bed glasses.

If you sleep overnight, you should never wear contact lenses.The metabolism of the eye continues while sleeping, and the secreted proteins and other substances will also be adsorbed on the lens, reducing the oxygen permeability and comfort of the lens.The tightly closed eyes shielded the eyes from contact with the atmosphere, making it impossible for the cornea to draw sufficient oxygen, and the fatigue of the eyes that had been suffocated for a long time gradually increased, which may also lead to deeper degrees.In addition, the lens may also be stained with a large amount of dust and dirt. When you close your eyes, it is tantamount to creating a very good environment for bacterial growth. Keratitis, conjunctivitis and other diseases will naturally come to your door, and serious conditions may cause it. blindness.


Sleeping with contact lenses is definitely the number one killer of eye health.If you want to take good care of your eyes and protect your eyesight, you must not take it lightly, and do not cause irreparable damage to your eyes because of being lazy for a while.