Can I wear contact lenses for high myopia?

Most of the time, in some jobs that need a good appearance, it is not possible to wear frame glasses. However, with the increasing number of people with above 600 high myopia , it is inevitable to mention whether high myopia can also wear contact lenses. In fact, high myopia can also be corrected by contact lenses. Instead, it is frame glasses. Higher degrees can easily affect the field of vision and cause the phenomenon of prism.


Under normal circumstances, anyone can wear contact lenses as long as there is no eye disease. This has little to do with the degree of myopia, mainly to see whether the eye is suitable for wearing. However, it should be noted that high myopia is often accompanied by a series of fundus diseases, such as  floaters, macular hemorrhage, retinal detachment and other  relatively common complications, which will have a certain impact on wearing contact lenses.



The treatment risk of high myopia patients is many times higher than that of normal people because of the lengthening of eye axis and thinning of retina. It must be prevented from deepening by correct methods. Hard contact lenses can be selected, with the help of personalized programs and regular review, effectively reducing the occurrence of complications. Of course, you can also choose soft contact lenses, which are more comfortable, but you must go to the hospital for a comprehensive fundus examination and optometry, and make a professional assessment of the state of the eyes. Especially in terms of degree, contact lenses and frame lenses will be quite different. Sometimes, considering the tolerance of the eyeball, it needs low -degree correction rather than complete correction, which may not reach the optimal correction state.


Generally speaking, contact lenses over 1000 degrees are relatively few and may require special customization. At the same time, we strongly recommend that a pair of frame lenses and contact lenses be used alternately to ensure eye health.