Can I wear contact lenses while pregnant?

Women make up the vast majority of contact lens wearers. According to the proportion of age, the question of whether or not to wear contact lenses during pregnancy will inevitably be raised. So, can you wear contact lenses while pregnant?

In theory, you should reduce contact lens wear during pregnancy, preferably stop wearing contact lenses. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes and other common diseases during pregnancy, or you have eye diseases such as keratitis and conjunctivitis, wearing contact lenses may cause or even aggravate eye diseases, so it is generally not recommended to continue wearing glasses.


During pregnancy, due to endocrine changes, the thickness of the cornea increases, and the intraocular pressure also increases, which may lead to slight edema of the cornea. Wearing contact lenses at this time is easy to aggravate the problem of corneal hypoxia, and it is also easy to cause corneal tissue damage or even ulcers, which is not conducive to eye health.

At the same time, the secretion of tears in pregnant women will also be greatly reduced, resulting in an increase in sticky substances and a decrease in corneal sensitivity. These deposits adhere to the lens, which will produce a distinct foreign body sensation, make the eyes dry and uncomfortable, and are more likely to cause inflammation and infection.


For myopic pregnant women, their corneal curvature may undergo some changes during pregnancy. This change can cause an otherwise suitable contact lens to become less suitable, further exacerbating the discomfort. In addition, once the eye is infected, the medication for pregnant women will be greatly restricted, so everyone must consider it carefully.

If you really need to wear glasses, you must choose high-quality contact lenses, while minimizing the wearing time, and pay attention to standardized operations to maintain eye hygiene. Once any discomfort occurs, the lens must be removed immediately and stopped wearing.