Can I wear makeup with contact lenses?

Nowadays, wearing contact lens makeup has become a very common phenomenon, and using contact lenses to match makeup can have a stunning effect. Today, author will talk about what are the precautions for wearing contact lens makeup.

It can be seen that many beauty bloggers now wear contact lens makeup, cosplay enthusiasts often use some colored contact lenses to get closer to the role image, wearing contact lenses naturally can make up, but there are certain health risks in the process.


First of all, in order to avoid eye infections, we must wear contact lenses first, and then carry out the makeup step. Before wearing the glasses, you must wash and dry your hands to prevent bacteria from getting into your eyes while wearing the glasses.

Then, focus on eye makeup. Since the focus of makeup is on the eyes, and contact lenses are also worn into the eyes, there are more precautions in the eye makeup part after wearing a mirror. Try to use liquid cosmetics instead of powder cosmetics, so as to avoid dust particles in the process of eye makeup into the eye, while it is best to avoid wearing the inner liner, because the inner liner is easier to smugly, while the tip of the eyeliner may be damaged contact lenses.


Finally, it is important to remove the contact lenses before removing the makeup. In fact, not only to remove makeup, usually should not wear contact lenses to bathe and wash your face, to avoid the bacteria in the water to enter the eyes. After removing the contact lens, clean the sediment attached to the lens in a timely manner.

In order to become beautiful and damage the health of the eyes is not worth the loss, we must remember not to penny wise and pound foolish. Once you find something in your eyes during the makeup process, do not rub your eyes with your hands, it is best to rinse them with running water.