Can pregnant women wear contact lenses?

Obviously, among the wearers of contact lenses, women account for the vast majority, and most are at the stage of childbearing age.For women, pregnancy is a big deal, and it can have a big impact on the wearing of contact lenses, so it must not be ignored.

Although the lenses are getting thinner and lighter, there is still a mechanical stimulus to the cornea between each blink.While women are pregnant, hormone secretion, blood flow, cardiovascular function and immune system will change. At this time, wearing contact lenses does not harm the fetus, but it still has some influence on pregnant women's eyes.


During pregnancy, due to increased body water, not only will weight gain, but also mild edema in the cornea, leading to increased thickness, especially in the third trimester.Corneal sensitivity is reduced, mild infections are not easily detected, and the possibility of causing conjunctivitis is greater.

The metabolism of the cornea requires oxygen, and the lens with good oxygen permeability also affects the respiration of the cornea.Under the action of progesterone, the secretion of tears is reduced and becomes extremely unstable, the uniform distribution of the tear film is destroyed, and the eyes feel a strong sense of foreign body and friction.


After pregnancy, the original contact lenses may no longer fit because the curvature of the cornea has also changed.Although these changes are temporary, they will gradually recover after childbirth, but will affect the wearing experience during pregnancy, making the line of sight blurred.

If you always wear contact lenses, you will not get used to it when you change into frame glasses suddenly, and you may not feel good.But in such an important stage of pregnancy, try to endure it, it is best not to wear it.