Can RGP rigid contact lenses correct myopia?

 RGP is the abbreviation of Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens, which is what we often say hard contact lens. Rigid contact lenses contain silicon, fluorine and other polymers, belong to organic polymer materials, oxygen permeability, material stability, small damage to the cornea, is an excellent choice for correcting refractive errors. At present, the popularity of hard contact lenses is high in Europe and the United States, but the popularity rate in China is still relatively low.


The correction principle of hard contact lenses is somewhat different from other lenses. During the process of wearing the lens, hard contact lenses exert certain pressure on the cornea, which can change the shape of the cornea, so as to ensure the continuity of the correction effect, and can still play a corrective role when the lens is removed. In addition, by pressing the eyeball to adjust refraction, you can also control the growth of the eye axis, which is equivalent to controlling the development of myopia to a certain extent, so it is especially suitable for the correction of myopia in teenagers.

Due to their superior oxygen permeability, rigid contact lenses can be worn overnight and are not easy to cause corneal hypoxia. At the same time, the durability of the lens is strong, the material is not easy to deformation and rupture, and the sediment is not easy to accumulate, the service cycle is usually about two years, but it still needs to pay attention to good maintenance.


The fitting requirements for hard contact lenses are very strict and must be fitted in a professional eye hospital. According to the standard procedure, a professional ophthalmologist should first check the fundus for the optician, make a detailed assessment, and then adjust the degree of adaptation according to the needs of the eye, and then further adjust by trying on the optician after the optician is completed. In this way, the glasses are both professional and accurate, and can achieve better correction effects.

Although hard contact lenses are not as popular as soft contact lenses, it is believed that hard contact lenses will become one of the important development directions of contact lenses in the future.