Can students wear contact lenses?

With the development of production technology, contact lenses are popular all over the world, and the average age of wearers is decreasing year by year. Nowadays, many teenagers, even smaller groups, are wearing contact lenses. It's understandable to love beauty and pursue fashion, but we don't recommend wearing contact lenses at an early age.

The development of the eyeball usually takes about 20 years to finalize. Before finalizing, the plasticity of the eyeball is very large. If contact lenses are worn too early and self-care awareness is not strong, it will easily affect eye development and endanger eye health.

Students are busy with their studies. It may be difficult for them to have enough time to clean and care for their lenses, and it is easy to overlook regular eye examinations. Once the lens is not thoroughly disinfected, it will cause eye infections and various diseases. It is also easier to scratch the cornea when wearing it urgently.

For students, long classes, frequent use of eyes, wearing contact lenses more serious symptoms of dry eyes and fatigue. Moreover, wearing contact lenses every day in school can reduce corneal oxygen exposure, which can easily induce conjunctivitis, and may lead to corneal ulcer or perforation in severe cases.

As a contact lens manufacturer, Rilcon always adheres to the principle of healthy wear of contact lenses. Whether from the perspective of health or economic capacity, students should be cautious about wearing contact lenses.

For the sake of eye health, it is necessary to consult a doctor and do a good job of examination, and the doctor should decide whether it is suitable for wearing. Never overdraw the health of the eyes for beauty.