Can we continue to use dried contact lens?

        Contact lenses must be kept moist at all times and must be fully immersed in the care solution when it isn’t needed.After the lens is dried, its service life will be shorten to some extent. If the lens is directly exposed to the air, the water will be evaporated very quickly. Therefore, this situation should be avoided as far as possible in daily use.So, can we continue to use dried contact lens?


        In general,sometimes may be forget to put the lens back into the nursing solution.In this case, basically the lens drying time is relatively short, may be only a few minutes or ten minutes, then you can use nursing vacuole open after continuing to use.Be careful don’t clean the lens. Place the lens directly into the solution.Soaking time can be longer, waiting for the lens to recover, most do not affect the use.Try it on. No discomfort means nothing serious.However, if it is a short period of the lens is best not to use, because the short period of the lens is thinner and more brittle, more likely to damage after drying.



        However, if the situation is overnight, the contact lens dry time is too long, the lens itself may have a crack or quality change, even if re-bubble open should not continue to use.Such lens has been contaminated with dust and bacteria, continue to wear very grinding eyes, may cause trachoma, corneal inflammation, can be directly discarded.

        In short, without the protection of tears or nursing fluids, contact lenses can quickly dry and harden.So usually in the lens for a variety of operations, also don’t delay too long.