Cautions for wearing contact

In modern life, people pay more attention to beauty and practicality. Contact lenses combine art and function and become the vane leading the trend of cosmetics. But in the final analysis, contact lenses are still medical devices, when wearing methods and nursing operations are not standardized, it will directly affect corneal health, and even damage the visual function. So, what should I know about wearing contact lenses?

Contact lenses must be inspected and diagnosed in professional medical places, and can not be used casually. Before optometry, refractive examination should be performed to obtain the required accuracy, and comprehensive eye examination including eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea and fundus should be performed so as to detect eye problems in time and eliminate unsuitable conditions for wear. Regular review after wearing is also very important to monitor the health of the eyes, adverse reactions after wearing glasses and so on.


For lens operation, we recommend using finger only, rather than tweezers, rods, cleaners and other auxiliary tools. Because finger is relatively easier to clean and disinfect, and using tools to operate is easy to ignore the steps of disinfection, it may also cause damage and pollution to the lens that can not be seen by the naked eye.

Do not mix different types and brands of nursing solution. The material and structure of soft mirror and hard mirror are quite different, and the composition of nursing solution used is also different. In addition, different brands of nursing solution in function and composition are inevitably different, we must avoid mixing.


Wrong wearing habits can increase the risk of contact lens use, and can lead to corneal ulceration or blindness. Therefore, we must be familiar with the wear and use of precautions in order to minimize the probability of infection.