Christmas countdown, wish all good things come as expected

Christmas is coming at the end of the year. Even if we don't leave home, we can hear the sound of footsteps of Christmas from various channels. In invariable life, we need to inject some new ideas occasionally, and use details to create a sense of ceremony.

        Christmas originated in ancient Rome to welcome the New Year's festival of saturnalia, almost equivalent to our temple fair, and then the church as the birth of Jesus to celebrate, so also known as Christmas.This special festival became popular with the advent of Christmas cards, Christmas decorations and Santa Claus, and has grown into a global event whose religious meanings have evolved to blend with local cultures.

The smell of Christmas begins with the decoration of a Christmas tree. After all, no matter how bright the streetlights are, they are not as warm as the lights at home. Red and green, which are always touted as CP, are the classic colors of Christmas. It's fashionable to decorate the room with dark red and green. Colorful lights, candles, cookies and all kinds of exquisite decorations are used to make a unique Christmas tree.

For children, nothing is more to be expected than Christmas presents. Hang the stockings well before going to bed. They believe that Santa Claus will ride the elk in and out of the chimney at night, bringing them gifts and blessings.

Today's Christmas, has slowly faded from the religious color, has become a family reunion day. Why don't we take this opportunity to slow down, return to our families, and wait for the arrival of Christmas bell with our favorite people, feeling the full romance and warmth.