Classifications and Characteristics of Contact Lens

Contact lens, also known as corneal contact lens, is used for eyesight correction or eyes protection. Contact lens is beautiful in appearance and convenient in usage. It not only brings a brand-new choice and experience to the patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, but also is deeply loved by the people who pursue for beauty. Then how is the contact lens classified and what kind of characteristic does it have ?

According to contact lens material, it is divided into hard, soft and air-permeable contact lens. Among them, hard contact lens is generally made by PMMA polymer. Because of its nice comfort, soft contact lens is the most prevalent. Air-permeable contact lens adopts material with good hydrophilia, which makes the wearing more comfortable.

According to the disposable period, contact lens is divided into daily, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly and yearly disposable contact lens. Once expired, disposable contact lens may be aged and deformed. The protein is easily precipitated and the wearing comfort is lowered by a large margin. Here the disposable period should be counted by unsealing time. Once expired, it must be disposed. Besides, during the process of actual wearing, owing to the elements such as bacteria residue, protein precipitation, etc., the actual usage period is generally shorter than theoretical value.

According to the function, it is divided into corrective, cosmetic, therapeutic, color-blind contact lens, etc. Among them, corrective contact lens is used for correcting refractive error ; cosmetic contact lens is colored contact lens, which is used for deepening and changing eyes colors ; therapeutic contact lens is used by the patients with eye diseases and takes the contact lens as the treatment means ; color-blind contact lens helps the achromate to improve color discrimination.

Contact lens possesses the features of practicality and beauty. It is accepted by more and more people. But incorrect usage and nursing method will bring new eye problems as well. With comprehensive understanding of the classifications and characteristics of contact lens, we could choose the suitable contact lens according to our own actual situations. Faced with the fast-growing contact lens industry, Jilin Realcon will continue to adhere to the management ideas of science and technique, fashion, health, safety, strictly control the product quality and make full efforts to build healthy and safe contact lens brand.