Common breakage condition of contact lenses

 Contact lenses are very light and thin, and they become softer and thinner, so breakage becomes the most common problem when wearing them. Today, we're going to talk about the common damage of contact lenses and the main causes of the damage.


 First, the surface of the scratches. Scratch is a common cause of foreign body sensation, and it is difficult to be found for a short time. If there are always scratches on the contact lens, it may be caused by the sharp tweezers of the lens, or if the nails are too long.

 Second, a slight crack. Wearing cracked contact lenses can not only cause a foreign body sensation, but may also cause pain, which may be caused by prolonged dehydration, dryness, adhesion of the lenses, or improper operation during wearing. If the contact lens becomes dry due to a lack of water, the lens has gone bad and is not suitable for further wear.


 Third, the small cracks. Cracks are common in the edge part of the lens, because the middle of the contact lens is thick and the edge is thin, and because the lenses are often clamped at the edge of the lens, so it is especially easy to appear small cracks here. If crack problems often occur, it may be formed by excessive force during the process of nursing the lens, or when placed into the double box, the lens floating on the nursing liquid and crushed by the lid.

Contact lenses that have been worn for a period of time suddenly appear all kinds of discomfort, it is likely to be a damage problem, we should check the lens in the first time, if there is the above damage problem, must immediately stop wearing, replace a new pair of contact lenses!