Common discomfort symptoms and solutions of wearing beautiful contact lens

Question 1: There are foreign body sensation, tears, up and down left and right sliding, grinding eyes, sometimes blurred in wearing beautiful pupils.


Solution: If you wear the pupil for the first time, some are not suitable for the normal phenomenon. According to the first day 2 hours, the second day 4 hours, the third day 6 hours gradually increase the wearing time, which takes about a week to adapt slowly. As long as the symptoms do not aggravate, they are normal and do not need to worry too much.


Question 2: What if it's not the first time you wear it, but your eyes are still very uncomfortable?


Solution: Take off the pupil to check whether the lens is damaged and cracked, and whether the front and back are worn correctly. If it is not the lens problem, we should consider whether the radian of the eyeball itself causes friction when the lens moves. In fact, people with sensitive eyes will feel uncomfortable more or less. They can adapt to wearing them for a long time.


Question 3: If you wear beautiful pupils, your eyes will be very red. Does it matter?


Solution: Red eyes are caused by conjunctival congestion, not corneal bleeding, mainly by corneal hypoxia. When this kind of problem occurs, we should pay attention to whether we wear it for too long, or have the bad habit of wearing beautiful pupils to stay up late and sleeping without picking up beautiful contact lens. Corneal hypoxia for a long time will grow new blood vessels, so we must develop a good habit of wearing beautiful contact lens.


Question 4: If you wear it for a while, your vision will be blurred.


Solution: Explain that the secretion in the lenses increases, and the lenses need to be removed, cleaned and worn. This is not a lens problem, but a normal physiological response of the human eye. If you don't clean thoroughly, you will leave protein deposits on the lenses, which will affect the clarity of what you see. Therefore, you should pay attention to changing the nursing fluid regularly and scrubbing carefully.


Question 5: Why do eyes dry when wear pupils?


Solution: Wearing beautiful pupil eyes is easy to dry and fatigue should be a problem many pupil fans have encountered. Dry eyes are related to many factors, such as lacrimal gland secretion of individual eyes, eye sensitivity, environmental humidity, long time staring at computer screen, etc. This phenomenon is very difficult to avoid, you can buy a bottle of eye lotion, but the frequency of use should not be too high, and pay attention to wearing beautiful pupils do not rub the eyes.


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