Common questions and answers about contact lens care


 As long as you wear contact lenses, you can't open the lens care. Today, author has summarized some common questions about contact lens care, hoping to answer some questions for you.

一、  How to clean the contact lenses?

 When cleaning contact lenses, you need to put a contact lens in the middle of your palm, drop a few drops of care solution, and then gently scrub from the middle to the edge. Wait until the front and back sides are fully rubbed and cleaned, pick up the lens and rinse with fresh nursing solution. Finally, put the clean lens into an eight-point full double box and soak it thoroughly for at least 6 hours before wearing it.


二、  How should the nursing fluid be used?

 The nursing solution is mainly used to clean and disinfect the lenses. In addition to the daily rubbing and washing of the lenses, the nursing solution in the double box should be replaced every 2-3 days without wearing the lenses. Generally speaking, the nursing liquid needs to be used within three months after opening, but can not be used as eye moistening liquid drops into the eye. The bottle mouth of the nursing liquid needs to be kept hygienic, and the bottle cap should be covered in time after use.

三、  What can be used for nursing fluid?

 The main components of contact lens care solution are fungicides, wetting agents, preservatives and protein removal components, etc. Many of which are not replaced by other liquids, so do not use other liquids to replace the care fluid. Fluids such as tap water and mineral water contain a lot of bacteria and viruses, which can pollute the lenses and lead to eye diseases.


四、  Why does some nursing fluid stimulate the eye?

At present, the contact lens care solution has many functions, but we should choose a mild type, mainly considering the effect of sterilization and protein removal. The more functions of the nursing solution, the more complex the components are, and the more likely to stimulate the cornea, which may instead cause harm to the eyes.