Contact lens can not wear in how to do?

Wearing contact lenses is a matter of practice can make perfect, first time use often can get the the method, There are many people who can't wear it with great effort..Eyes will instinctively reject foreign bodies, the use of contact lenses must have a learning and adaptation process, pick and wear are certain small skills.Contact lens can not wear in

how to do? Let me tell you.


Don't hesitate to wear it.If you can't wear it, try not to repeat it, because too much time delay may dry out the lens, and even if you wear it, you may feel strange.Want to keep patience, and try more, put lens back after many times cannot put on nursing fluid, relax a mood.Wearing contact lenses is not afraid to try, it is important to keep calm.

 Use your fingers as much as possible. Using tools may increase tension.Fingers are the most sensitive organ, and placing a lens on them can ease many fears.But pay attention to the care fluid on the finger should not be too much, otherwise the lens will be soft on the finger, wearing will become more slippery.


To get over your fears, exercise ahead of time.Start from keeping your eyelids open and not blinking, or start by dropping eye drops to gradually relieve tension in your eyes and reduce the irritation of foreign objects to your eyes.If your eyes are really sensitive, try putting the lenses on the less sensitive whites of your eyes and letting them fit into your black eyes.


Contact lenses are only a few times then get success, with experience and confidence, it will become very easy to wear again.Master these small skills of wearing, let you easily from contact lenses rookie turned expert.