Contact lens cleaning and disinfection

When wearing contact lenses, everyone pursues oxygen permeability, but they do not pay enough attention to the cleaning and disinfection of contact lenses. Today, author will introduce the cleaning and disinfection of contact lenses in detail.


To clean contact lenses, first take out a piece of the lens that needs to be cleaned and put it into the palm, drop a few drops of care solution, and then rub it from the middle to the four sides with the index finger for about 20 seconds, the reverse is the same, when both sides are rubbed, the sediment will fall off from the lens. At this time, use small tweezers to gently pick up the lens, rinse with fresh treatment solution for about 10 seconds, and then put the cleaned lens in the treatment solution to soak. After cleaning one lens completely, remove the other lens and repeat the above steps.

If it is a newly opened contact lens, it can be soaked in the double case for 4-6 hours to disinfect before wearing, and the contact lens after daily care needs to be soaked in the double case for at least 6 hours to ensure the disinfection effect. When not wearing contact lenses, remember to change the solution every 2-3 days.


Contact lens care solution is a necessary product for cleaning and disinfection, do not choose complex and irritating products when buying, such care solution although claiming better disinfection effect, but may stimulate the cornea to cause infection. Can not mix different brands of care solution, can not be reused, can not be casually replaced with other liquids care solution. Under normal circumstances, the shelf life of the care solution is three months, and it is necessary to pay attention to keeping the bottle mouth clean when using, cover it promptly after use, and replace it in time when due.

Wear contact lenses need to maintain local health, cleaning and disinfection are very important and necessary links, we must develop good hygiene habits!