Contact lens moisturizer VS artificial tears, which one is stronger?

 On the surface, contact lens eye moisturizer and care solution sound somewhat similar, but in fact they have completely different functions, but in terms of moisturizing moisture, eye moisturizer and artificial tears function similar. Strictly speaking, eye moisturiser and artificial tears are not necessary for wearing contact lenses, but they are also a "favorite" of many people.


Some of the contact lens moisturizing solution as a drug management, and some as a third class of medical device management, because it contains medicinal ingredients and preservatives, can not be overused. The moisture and moisture retention of the moisturizing liquid are very good, the liquid liquid product has strong fluidity, and the moisture retention of the gel product has been further improved, and it is generally used when the dryness is more serious. Some brands will give eye moisturizer as a gift with the lens, but whether it can be used in the process of wearing it also needs to carefully check the instructions. It should be noted that some of the more popular silicone hydrogel contact lenses cannot support the use of eye moisturizer.

The artificial tears are mainly simulated tear components, it does not contain impurities, is relatively mild, but the effect is single, can only moisturize the eyes, relieve dry eyes. Artificial tears can be freely purchased in pharmacies, most of which are packaged in small doses, taking into account health and convenience. If you want to use artificial tears while wearing contact lenses, you need to turn out the conjunctiva of the lower eyelid, drop it into the conjunctiva of the fornix, and then blink.


Since the initial operation is not skilled, we can first use eye moisturizing liquid, which helps to reduce inflammation and cell repair, and later use artificial tears. Moisturizing eye liquid and artificial tears will affect the function of the eye, so it is not recommended to use frequently, and it is best to control within four times a day. Of course, if it is difficult to remove and wear because of dryness, moistening eye solution and artificial tears are also a good choice, the moisture they provide helps the lens to separate and helps the suction rod to absorb the lens.

However, even if moisturized eyes and artificial tears can alleviate the problem of dry eyes, author still wants to remind you that if the eyes are always dry, it does not rule out the early manifestation of dry eyes, if you are troubled, you must go to the hospital first!