Contact Lenses Degree Conversion

To wear contact lenses, especially for the first time, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital or optician's shop for lens evaluation and optometry examination. Like frame glasses, contact lenses have to choose the right degree. Large or small lenses degree are not good, which can easily aggravate the degree of myopia or hyperopia. Because the frame glasses have a certain distance from the eyes, and the contact lenses are directly adsorbed on the cornea, the degree of contact lenses is lower, which involves the conversion of the degree of contact lenses.

There is a complicated formula for conversion of contact lens diopter to frame lens diopter, that is, contact lens diopter = frame lens diopter/(1-0.012 x frame lens diopter), one diopter is equivalent to the usual 100 degrees, myopia diopter is negative, hyperopia diopter is positive, 0.012 is the distance between frame lens and the highest point of black eye, unit is meters.

Generally speaking, less than 400 degrees do not need to convert,more than 400 degrees need to convert. The detailed degrees can be referred to in the table below. It should be noted that if the degree of the eyes is different, the lenses must be clearly distinguished between the left and right eyes when placed in the companion box, so as to avoid discomfort caused by cross-wearing. In the process of using, we should pay attention to cleaning and nursing lens carefully and keep eye hygiene.

When choosing contact lenses, slight astigmatism can be neglected, but if astigmatism is greater than 75 degrees, special astigmatism contact lenses are recommended. Jilin Realcon Contact Glasses Co., Ltd. is the first contact lens factory in three northeastern provinces. It has won the honorary title of "Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award" and "Jilin Small Giant Enterprise". We specially introduce custom astigmatism contact lenses for astigmatism patients to correct astigmatism accurately and provide more professional services. Stable axle design, comfortable wearing experience, so that you can see clearly all day.