Contact lenses should be chosen carefully

Because they need to be worn in the eyes, contact lenses have been managed as medical equipment for a long time, but there are still many small shops selling color pupils at will. News of damage to the eyes caused by lack of necessary inspections, without professional guidance, and abuse of contact lenses abound, and some have even caused permanent damage. Therefore, whether it is occasional early adopters or long-term use, contact lenses should be carefully selected.


Relevant national regulations show that, for medical devices such as contact lenses, the production and operation of medical devices require a medical device production license or business license. However, when consumers actually make a purchase, they can easily buy contact lenses, and few people will specifically check their documents.

Before contact lenses are fitted, they should undergo a series of necessary eye examinations, including fundus examinations, optometry and other items. Only through these inspections can it be determined whether it is suitable for wearing contact lenses, and the right lenses can be fitted. According to the measured basic arc, degree, astigmatism degree and axial position and other eye parameters, the lens can be correctly fitted.


There are many parameters of contact lenses. Improper fitting not only affects the stability of vision and causes strong discomfort, but also easily leads to various eye diseases and damages the intraocular environment. For example diameter, aqueous, base curve and other parameters, vary largely, so the purchase contact lenses, in particular contact lenses online shopping, herd must not blindly follow the trend, there is no need blind pursuit of expensive, or should go from the actual test results select.

For the wearer, choosing to buy is only the first step. They must also learn how to wear and care, and use contact lenses healthy, so that they can effectively protect their eyes.