Could contact lenses still be used when they fall to the ground?

The contact lenses are small and light. When you take them, if you use too much force, you may damage them. But if you use little force, you may not be able to pinch them. If you are not careful, the contact lenses could fall to the ground. Can you pick up such contact lenses and continue to use them?



Basically, as long as the lens contacts touches the ground, it is not recommended to wear them again. The lenses of contact lenses are easy to be contaminated with bacteria. If they fall on the ground, even if they don't look dirty, they are also at risk of infection. If the lenses are infected, they can not be guaranteed to kill all bacteria and viruses by soaking them with care solution, not to mention rough ground, which is likely to cause some scratches and finally cause eye infection and inflammation.

Considering that most of the careless operations are novices, it's really painful to throw away the new lenses. If the ground is very smooth and clean, you can immediately pick up the lens, put it in the care solution for several hours, and carefully check whether there is damage and scratch, and be sure to thoroughly clean it with the care solution, and then wear it again for observation. To be aware of any discomfort must be stopped immediately, the lens can only be thrown away.



In order to avoid similar situations, it is best to take contact lenses on the desktop and spread a clean tissue. In this way, even if the lens really slips, it just falls on the paper towel. You can continue to wear it after a simple cleaning without worrying about the infection.


At the end of the day, you still need to be attentive when handling contact lenses. Even if the time is no longer urgent, you can't be too anxious. Do not be careless when cleaning and disinfecting, to avoid pollutants affecting the service life of lenses and eye health.