Do You Know Anything About the RGP Contact Lens ?

Wile talking about contact lens, people mostly think of the soft contact lens and know something about it. While RGP contact lens, which is called as hard contact lens, it belongs to a kind of contact lens as well.

It is made by adopting special aeronautical material. The contact lens itself is relatively hard, but it improves the oxygen permeability, which becomes a new choice because of health and safety. Although the domestic market share of RGP contact lens is relatively small, it is popular at abroad. Then, whether the RGP contact lens is good or not ?

The advantages of RGP contact lens are very evident. The high oxygen permeability could provide the cornea with sufficient oxygen. The contact lens material is not easy to deform and the range of application is very broad. Comparatively speaking, the whole process of RGP contact lens is more reliable and complicated, such as inspection, optometry, try-on, etc. Contact lens customization according to the personal actual conditions is available. The usage period is more long than the soft contact lens, which could be used for 5 years with proper care.

Relatively speaking, RGP contact lens inevitably has some shortcomings as well. The comfort level is not as good as the soft contact lens. The foreign body sensation sometimes exists, if strong, involuntary lacrimation is possible. The adaptation period of wearing is relatively long. Some people are gradually accustomed to it after wearing for one month. Once stops wearing, you need readaption, which is not suitable for the group of people who only want occasional wearing. RGP contact lens is difficult to take off with hand, which needs the help of special tool and is a little inconvenient while using. In the time of bad air quality, once the foreign matter enters the eyes and cannot be relieved itself, you could only take off the lens to wash well and wear again. Besides, regarding the cost, it needs more than one thousand RMB from the prescription work to the later inspection, care, maintenance, etc., which is quite a lot of money. 

While wearing RGP contact lens, you could control the prescription, which has a good corrective function regarding the nearsightedness and astigmatism. If you decide to try, you could go to the professional hospital for consultation.