Do you need an optometry with your contact lenses?

 Many people who do not often wear contact lenses will ask: " Do you need an optometry with contact lenses?”。Today, author will answer this question.


 Usually, the preparation of contact lenses requires optometry, especially for the first time for beginners, more need for detailed optometry and evaluation. During the examination, we can understand the refractive state, whether it is accompanied by astigmatism and other situations, and also measure the accurate degree. After that, the optometrist needs to further adjust according to the results of the optometry and eye habits.

 Although adults will basically maintain a stable degree, if the contact lenses are not appropriate, they will continue to increase in the long run. Therefore, we try to check the first is to determine the real-time fundus situation, to see whether it is suitable to wear contact lenses, the second is to get a clear degree of results, in order to improve the suitability of contact lenses.


 After successfully preparing contact lenses, putting them on is also an important test step. Through the actual experience, the degree of the lens and other parameters, which is very important in the process of soft and hard glasses.

Now everyone prefers to buy contact lenses directly on the Internet, always over the step of optometry, it is indeed more convenient, but this way is more suitable for the stable wearer. If there is astigmatism in myopia at the same time, or the left and right eye degree difference is larger, then it is best to pass the optometry, examination first assessment. Wearing appropriate contact lenses can better correct vision, control the growth of degree, we must pay attention to optometry examination oh!