Does wearing contact lenses make myopia worse?

Before buying contact lenses, many myopia patients will have some concerns, worrying that wearing contact lenses will aggravate myopia. Today, I will talk about this issue.


In fact, contact lenses and spectacles are the same in the principle of correcting myopia, so they will not aggravate myopia. Wearing the right contact lenses will allow the vision to be well corrected, thereby controlling the growth of the degree and avoiding the deformation of the eyeball. Whether it is spectacles or contact lenses, the purpose of glasses is to obtain a clear and stable field of vision and avoid eye fatigue caused by incorrect eye habits such as squinting.

However, wearing contact lenses cannot treat myopia, nor can it prevent the development of myopia. To prevent and control myopia, we still need to develop good eye habits, such as watching less electronic products every day, increasing the time for outdoor activities, staying up late, eating more vegetables and fruits rich in carotene and vitamin A, etc.


Compared with frame glasses, contact lenses can reduce visual acuity, make the field of vision clearer without distortion, and are more convenient to carry.

If the degree of myopia is low, then the degree of rims and contact lenses is the same. However, when the degree of myopia is high, the degree of contact lenses needs to be converted. In order to make the fitting more accurate, the editor recommends that you do an optometry examination first, so that the optometrist can give more appropriate suggestions for glasses.

Myopia patients, especially those with high myopia, should not forget to regularly review the fundus of the eye when wearing contact lenses to avoid vision problems.