Essential knowledge of contact lens care

For girls who pursue fashion, contact lenses are not only a tool to correct myopia, but also an important part of eye makeup. However, if you want to be both beautiful and safe, you must study the relevant knowledge of contact lens care.


When contact lenses are not used, the lenses must be completely immersed in the care solution to maintain a soft and moist texture and avoid drying and chipping due to evaporation of water. In order to ensure the freshness of the care solution in the contact lens case, it is recommended to replace it every two days.

The cleaning procedure of contact lenses is very important. In addition to daily disposal, you must rub the lenses in time to clean the lenses after each removal. When taking care of contact lenses, the care solution is an indispensable product. It not only needs to be dripped on the lens to help remove protein deposits, but also used for secondary washing and cleaning. Finally, the lens needs to be filled with two-thirds of the care solution. Soak storage in the double box.


The cleaning and disinfection of contact lens cases may be something that wearers often overlook. Every time you take out the lens, you should pour out the care solution in the box, rinse and disinfect with fresh care solution and dry it. The glasses case should be scalded with boiling water at least once a week, and related utensils must be disinfected with care solution.

It should be noted that, counting from the date of opening, contact lenses must not exceed their marked use period. For example, the use cycle of monthly disposable contact lenses is one month, the use cycle of semi-annual disposable contact lenses is six months, and so on. For the sake of eye health, please do not extend the use time of the lens by yourself.

Contact lens care is an important part of the use of contact lenses. It directly determines whether the wearer is healthy or not. It is a necessary common sense for the wearer!