Evaluation of contact lens fit

Contact lens adaptation evaluation is a very important early step, according to the evaluation and inspection results to buy contact lenses can ensure a clear field of correction and comfortable wearing feelings, so we must not skip this step when choosing contact lenses.


Before purchasing contact lenses, you should go to a professional eye hospital or optician for a thorough eye examination. Devices such as slit lamps can be used to check the eyes for contraindications and whether they are suitable for wearing contact lenses. The results of the obtained eye data are then taken to a professional optometrist for an optometry.

After fitting glasses, it is recommended to learn the correct and standard operation steps under the guidance of professionals and try them on. By trying it on, we can mainly check whether the diameter, base arc and degree of the lens match, so that we can more truly feel whether the contact lens is suitable and whether the vision is clear and stable. For example, to check whether the base arc is appropriate, use clean fingertips to gently push the lens and check how tight the contact lens is on the eyeball.


If you are wearing contact lenses for the first time, you may have a slight sense of foreign body sensation, especially those with sensitive eyes may take a longer period of time to get used to, which is a normal reaction. But if you can't distinguish the front and back of the lens correctly, and accidentally wear the lens backwards, it will also cause a strong sense of foreign body, and sometimes scratch the cornea.

Contact lenses are classified into three categories of medical devices, all of which are strictly regulated, so they should be adapted with great care. By assessing the fit before you buy a lens, you can more easily choose the right contact lens for you.