Eye strain must not be ignored!

Nowadays, production and life are very dependent on electronic products, and facing computers and mobile phones all day long has caused people to suffer from video terminal syndrome. Eye fatigue has become very common, which is manifested in red eyes, tears, photophobia, dryness, foreign body sensation, and a large increase in sticky secretions.

Long-term eye fatigue can affect vision, can also cause dry eye and other diseases, although not serious, but very affect the quality of life, and the disease is easy to repeat, in the existing lifestyle is difficult to completely cure. The main causes of eye fatigue are excessive eye use, reduced blinking times, insufficient tear secretion, environmental factors, and so on.


In times of trouble, people often look to eye drops, there are indeed many eye care products in recent years, publicity is everywhere, but the use of eye drops is not a good idea. The so-called eye drops are actually very many kinds, medicinal products should not be bought and used by themselves, and non-medicinal eye drops such as sodium hyaluronate are only used for immediate improvement, treating symptoms rather than curing the root cause, relieving symptoms and effective but not completely cure the disease, and some products may even produce dependence. All in all, most eye drops can not be used frequently, and even contain preservatives and other ingredients, but also please follow the doctor's advice to buy.


 When the eye has a feeling of fatigue and fatigue, the degree is light, it should be adjusted immediately and rest properly, which is the best solution. At the same time, you can also do eye exercises, close your eyes or look far away, staring at the green and other ways to relax the ciliary muscle. If you feel unwell frequently or repeatedly, do not delay seeing a doctor immediately. When eye problems occur, you should not continue to wear contact lenses to avoid aggravating the condition or causing other eye diseases.

It should be noted that the treatment of eye fatigue is better than the prevention, and the prevention of symptoms is the fundamental way. For example, adjust eating habits, take more vitamins and protein, replenish water in time, pay attention to rest and do not stay up late, and pay attention to the eye environment, avoid insufficient lighting or excessive light environment to continue to use the eye.